2-Star Martin

Name Martin
Element Light
HP 28873
CR Requirement 24000
3 Star Req Turn 11

Attack Pattern (Shadow)

Skill Effect
Icebound Staff Attack closest enemy in Range. If no enemy in Range, He will cast Giant Avalanche
Cold Shock Deal damage to enemies within 4 adjacent tiles, knocking them back in all directions. Damage is shared among the targets. If no one is in range, it will cast Icefall
Giant Avalanche Knocks a target forward, use when noone is within range of Icebound Staff
Frost Storm AOE Damage to the whole Map
Icefall If there are no enemies in range when using Cold Shock or Frozen Path, drops a giant icicle on the nearest enemy

Crystal Towers

Crystal Tower Effect
Valor Martin’s Physical ATK is increased for a set number of turns.
Magi Martin’s Magical ATK is increased for a set number of turns.
Icy Wind Martin’s Action Charge Speed is increased for a set number of turns.
Protection Martin’s DEF is increased for a set number of turns.


Martin has got a very powerful debuff that reduces all incoming attacks. The only way to effectively deal damage to it is to stand on the 4 platforms adjacent to it (Cross-shape). Next, you’ll want to destroy the 4 Crystal Towers as they provide powerful buffs to Martin (especially the 2 behind).

You’ll need someone with super high movement speed that is able to move twice before Martin’s first move. Shadow Lyilis is the best candidate here as she is able to buff herself and move to the platform before Martin moves. This way, Martin will not knock back the team and you’ll be able to handle the 2 towers behind.

Recommended Heroes

Shadow Lyilis

Light Zilean

Shadow Nazdan

Shadow Garred

Your best Melee Attackers

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