3-Star Enbanu

Boss Enbanu
Element Shadow
HP 77198

*Found in Elvens Border

Attack Pattern

Skill Effect
Branch Lob Damage target and anyone around it (turn 1)
Normal Attack Cleaves
Earthshake AOE damage to everyone on the map (turn 12, it’s turn 4)
Curse of the Ancient Oak Regenerate 10% HP/turn when HP drop below 50%



The aim of the fight is to kill Enabu by your 4th turn (Turn 12) or he’ll just wipe your party.

– Have Light/Water/Wood Arendel in your party with at least 250 Speed. Send him to the front and tank Enabu and make sure he is the nearest to the boss without anyone standing around him.
– Bring along a Yggdrasil Monkey Elder with at least Lv 3 Go Bananas. Make sure your Monkey’s speed is faster than all your Attacking heroes.
– Water/Light Zilean to buff Critical Chance. (Can replace this with another Strong Nuker)
Fire/Shadow Zilean x 2 as Attackers.

Compared to Lycan, Enabu is definitely a great challenge especially if you are still new to the Mythic stages. You’ll need both Zilean attackers to be at least 9k CR so that you’ll have a better chance to kill Enabu

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