3-Star Lycan

Name Lycan
Element Shadow
HP 39585
Location Elvens
3 Star Req Turn 11

Attack Pattern (Shadow)

Skill Effect
Regen Recover 10% of HP every turn
Bloodlet 5 hits physical attack
Claw Swipe AOE attack all 8 squares around him
Stealth Goes invisible when HP is at 25% (can be broken with AOE attack)

When stealth is not broken, it will summon another 4 Lycans the next turn

Howl Recover 20% HP
Bite Attacks and Leech HP
Pack Hunting Buff attack to all Lycans (turn 10)

Strategy (Shadow)

Note: I know the video shows Wind element but the strategy remains the same

The best way to kill Lycan is to ignore the adds and burst him down fast. To do so, it is best to have a party of at least 23 – 25k Combat Rating together with a powerful friend. Make sure to have at least 2 heroes that can deal AOE damage so as to break the stealth from Lycan.

If you’re bringing along Arendel to shield the team, make sure you place him as your last member so that he can cover everyone without moving.

The strategy that I use places Lycan right in the middle of the team so that all members can attack it without moving.

Suggested Heroes

Water/Wind/Light Arendel – For starters, it is good to have a tank to shield the team so that the members can tank more hits.

Fire/Dark/Wind Zilean – Burn burn burn!

Fire/Wind/Light Eldin – Reset the cooldown for Arendel’s shield to tank even more hits.

Any other 2 DPS – bring your best ones.


Strategy (Fire and Shadow ONLY) – Not Applicable with new update

You are required to kill all the Lycans in these new challenges. The best way to do this is to bring Heroes that can do tons of AOE damage with the correct elemental counter. The strategy is the same, focus on getting the Boss Lycan down first while hitting as many other units as possible. However, do remember to save up at least 1 AOE to break the Stealth. If stealth is not broken, it will summon 4 more Lycans.

You might want to bring a full Attack team to quickly burst down all enemies.

Suggested Heroes

Shadow Nazdan – The best Hero to bring here as he got 2 AOE attacks

Shadow Garred – Increases the Crit rate for all Shadow Heroes. He hits pretty hard himself.

Light/Water Zilean – Buff Crit for the party.

Any other DPS with AOE Attacks.



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