6/22 Patch Notes

1. New [Tismael] Skins Added: Sin & Arin

[Tismael] Skins added for Sin (all elements) and Arin (all elements)
[Tismael] Skins can be purchased in the [Skin Shop] for 200 Garnets (Free/Paid)
※Hero is not included with purchase

Sin and Arin’s Tismael Skins are shown below.

[Arin’s Tismael Skins]

[Sin’s Tismael Skins]

2. Weapon Dungeons [Katana of the Moonlight Warrior] & [Heart Seeker] Added

Both Weapon Dungeons can be entered until 30/6 2:00AM Server Time (SGT)

Weapon Dungeons can be entered from [Story→ Hero’s Song]

Both Weapon Dungeons can be entered up to 10 times per day.
Entry count can be reset up to 3 times per day for 5 Garnets (Free/Paid)

Weapon Dungeon Entry Cost
Stage 1: 10 Mandolins / Stage2: 12 Mandolins / Stage 3: 15 Mandolins
The amount of Mandolins consumed in previous Weapon Dungeons has been reduced as outlined above

Stage Progression has been saved from the previous Weapon Dungeons

Ex: If you have previously cleared Stage 1 of [Katana of the Moonlight Warrior],
Stage 2 will be unlocked.

[Weapon Drops]

3. Bug Fixes
1) Adventure Mode [Heroic] and [Mythic] Difficulties Adjusted
Difficulty increases/decreases adjusted for better gaming flow.

[Adventure Mode Balance]
> Heroic 3-4 ~ 4-10: 5~45% increase in difficulty
> Mythic 1-1 ~ 2-4: 5~25% decrease in difficulty
> Mythic 2-5: 5% increase in difficulty

2) Wanted [Anubis]’s Passive Skill Tooltip Fixed

4. Miscellaneous
Stay tuned for 5 new Adventure chapters, additional Labyrinth floors, Arena improvements,
and more Hero Balance adjustments in next week’s maintenance!

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