6/8/2017 Patch Notes

1. New Weapon Dudgeon [Heart Seeker] Added

-New Weapon Dudgeon [Heart Seeker] will be available [6/9 ~ 6/17 2:00 AM]
-New Weapon Dungeon can be found at [Scenario → Hero’s Song → Heart Seeker].
-[Heart Seeker] may be entered 10 times per day,
and entry count may be reset up to 3 times per day for 5 Garnets (free/paid).
-[Heart Seeker] Mandolins consumed in [Stage 1:10 / Stage 2:12 / Stage 3:15]
-The following items can be acquired in the new Weapon Dungeon:

2. New Contents Added (Labyrinth)

-The [Labyrinth] can be found in [Adventures], total 75 floors, 5 Mandolins consumed per floor

-The [Labyrinth] can be entered 3 times per day, and daily entry count cannot be reset after 1 time.
-Reset will cost 5 Garnets
-The [Labyrinth] will be available and open only after [Adventures Stages 3-10 (Normal) are cleared].

-Users may not bring friends to the [Labyrinth], and may not continue once failed to clear.

-Rewards for clearing floors of the [Labyrinth] include Gold, Free Garnets, Weapon/Accessory Tickets, etc.

-Cleared floor rewards can also be acquired through [Achievement]. Achievement rewards can be claimed at [Achievement→Battle].

-Users can acquire Repeat Rewards through [Try Again] for [Labyrinth] floors already cleared.
-Each entry into the [Labyrinth] is deducted from the entry limit count, and will not be restored to the limit when failed to clear.

3. Improvements & Adjustments

-[Fran] Situation in which Evolve Materials were incorrectly applied during Hero Evolution fixed

: [Light/Shadow Soul] of Fran 6★ Evolve Materials

were applied as 2★ (Light/Shadow Souls) instead of 3★ (Light/Shadow Souls)

-[Anubis] Situation in which hero’s Passive Skills were applied abnormally fixed

-Situation in which Combat Rating of monsters appearing in [Fairy Realm] was different in-game from what was stated in Fairy Realm Info corrected.

-Situation in which hero appeared inside wooden pole when moving to wooden pole in the [Innkeeper Zett EX] Dungeon fixed.

-Corrections made so that weekly Arena rewards will be distributed normally

-You can now see the time left until items may be purchased again after maxing out purchase limits in [Shop→Package]

-Abnormal reset for Shop weekly sale purchases made on Sundays fixed.

-Difficulty level of [Fairy Realm-Land of Water] Dungeon decreased, and Floors 2~3 Elemental King HP decreased by about 30%

4. Other Information

-[Fairy Realm-Land of Water] Dungeon difficulty decrease

-Wanted monster [1★ Martin]’s buff effect decrease

-Arena Hot Time Added

: Acquirable Arena coins x2 increase in Competitive Battle Mon~Fri 7:00PM~9:00PM / Sat~Sun 7:00PM~11:00PM

-Adjusted so [Agarthan Festival Costume] Shop screen is not displayed in [Scenario→ Shop → Event Shop]

-Weapon Dungeon [Katana of the Moonlight Warrior] CLOSED

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