Agarthan Festival

Event Intro

Eshrite’s party heads into town to take some time to rest from their travels. Eshrite hears a scream and rushes to the rescue.

Event Period:


  • 3 times a day
  • 5 Garnet per reset (once per day)


There are several rewards you can obtain from this event.


These accessories will have a chance to drop from the stages:


Tokens can be used to exchange for Costumes from the Story > Event Shop


You earn 1 point every time you enter the Agarthan Festival event.
Players can exchange the following items:

Item Limit Points
Gold 1 Per Day 1
Mandolins 1 Per Day 2
Greater Void Soul 1 Per Day 3
3-5 Star Evonyang Summon 1 Per Day 3
Agarthan Accessory Summon Once 20



Stage Mandolins Token
1 20 4
2 35 11
3 50 18


Event itself is pretty easy. You can easily complete the event with a full team of 5* Heroes (including healer). Alternatively, you can go all out Attack if your units are already 6-star.

Here are some ways to “bypass” the dodge:

  1. Burst the boss with long-range units (Kindle and Lyilis)
  2. Increase skill cooldown with Zilean (Water/Wind/Shadow)
  3. Dispel the buffs with Feria (Fire/Water/Light)
  4. Silence with Nazdan, Feria, Eldin

Prepare 2-3 Heroes to kill the boss before it casts the dodge buff. To do this, set up your team near the stairs (do not go up the stairs before you are ready or it will trigger the buff) and burst it down in 1 turn.

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