–¬†Most important currency in the game
– You need Gold for Upgrading your weapons/characters
– You can get them from Stages, Weekend Dungeons, Selling items/units


– Cash Currency
– There are 2 types of Garnet; Paid & Free
– Free Garnets: Obtainable from clearing Avon’s Song, Quests, Events, Subscriptions(Daily Garnets)
– Paid Garnets: Your wallet


– Obtainable by selling heroes
– Use for un-equipping equipment and Crystal Shop
– Check out how to earn Crystals here.

Friend Points

– Obtainable by using Friend’s heroes or your friends using your hero
– Use to purchase more Mandolins or FP summon

Arena Coins

– Obtainable by playing the Arena Mode
– Use to purchase items from the Arena Shop


– Basically the “Energy” in most games
– Replenishes at 1 per 5 minutes


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