Event – Hero’s Song 2

▶ Event Date: 6/1 ~ 6/16


A Dungeon filled with incredibly powerful monsters.

  • Gain Advent Points by clearing Zett’s Hero’s Song.
  • You will gain 1 point by clearing and up to 4 points when using Zett/Fran in the Hero’s Song.

– You can acquire 5 or 10 Tokens depending on the stage
– You can play up to 10 times for free
– You can reset entry up to 3 times a day for 5 Garnets per reset
* Maximum 40 times per day
– Tokens can be used to Summon Zett (Fire)

Points Counter

You can get up to a maximum of 4 points per stage you run.

1 Point for Clearing event
1 Point for having Zett in Party
1 Point for having Fran in Party
1 Point for having Zett/Fran as your “Friend Hero”


Collect 200 Cat tokens try your luck on the Zett Summon.

Story > Shop > Advent Shop

[Advent Event Trade List]
Item Required Points Limit
2★ Fire Evolve Fruit x10 75 Once
2★ Wind Evolve Fruit x10 85 Once
3★ Light Evolve Fruit x5 85 Once
3★ Shadow Evolve Fruit x5 75 Once
Void Soul 60 Once
Void Soul 60 Once
Void Soul 60 Once
6★ Advent Ring 400 Once
6★ Advent Ring 500 Once
6★ Advent Ring

Advent Missions

Mission Reward
Summon 10 Heroes with Garnets Fran Summon
Clear 50 Adventures 50,000 Gold
Play 20 Arena Battles 150 Arena Coins
Clear 20 Wanted Challenges 3~5★ Hero Summon
Level Up Any Hero 50 Times 3~5★ Evonyang Summon
Enhance your Equipment 10 Times 2~5★ Accessory Summon
Upgrade your Equipmenet 5 Times 2~4★ Weapon Ticket
Complete the Last Story of Zett’s Advent Zett(Wind) Summon
Complete Zett Advent Story 1 5 Garnet(Free)
Complete Zett Advent Story 2 5 Garnet(Free)
Complete Zett Advent Story 3 10 Garnet(Free)
Complete Zett Advent Story 4 10 Garnet(Free)


Stage Mandolins Tokens
1 10 5
2 15 10

Stage 1 is pretty easy and straight forward. You can clear it easily with a team of 22-24k Combat Rating team.

Stage 2

Wave 1
Enemies Elements HP
Crescent Moon Bear x 2 Wind / Light 8870
Maned Wolf x 2 Wind 6712
Wild Boar x 2 Wind / Shadow 8796

Focus on killing both Maned Wolf first as they can buff Attack everytime they attack.

Wave 2
Enemies Elements HP
Harma Researcher Wind 8604
Crescent Moon Bear Wind 14192
Maned Wolf Wind 10740
Wild Boar Wind 14660


Before wave 2 begins, try to place your Heroes near the spawn position of the Boss. The aim is to kill him off before he goes for his second turn.

If you fail to kill him before his second turn, he will cast “Forbidden Experiment” which will grant him invisible and ATK Buffs to nearby allies.

Suggested Units

For a start, you’ll want to bring along Heroes that are able to Remove Debuffs. If you think you’re not strong enough to kill it off in 1 turn, make sure you bring along Heroes that can deal AOE damage so as to break Harma Researcher out of invisible. As you’re more confident in completing the stage, substitute the least important Hero with the event Hero to gain more event points.


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