Farming Crystals

Crystals are special currencies you use in the Crystal Shop. Currently, you can buy the following items in the Crystal Shop:

Name Limit Cost
3-5 Star Summon 5 per day 60
4-5 Star Summon 5 per day 240
Standard Soul of Fire 20 per week 90
Standard Soul of Water 20 per week 90
Standard Soul of Wind 20 per week 90
Standard Soul of Light 20 per week 90
Standard Soul of Shadow 20 per week 90
3-Star Dwarven Hammer 99 per week 30
4-Star Dwarven Hammer 99 per week 90
5-Star Dwarven Hammer 99 per week 360


Crystals are obtained when you sell your units. The fastest and easiest way to acquire a unit is to farm Heroic: Ocean Vale Stage 1 (3-1).

How to Farm:

1. Make sure you have unlock the heroic stage 3-1.
2. Depending on your carry’s strength, bring along 1 to 3 AOE units (including friend).
3. This way, you can bring along 2/3 fodders along to level.
4. Repeat the stage and level your fodders to lv 13/14.
5. Sell the fodders.


– The recommended carries are: Dark Eldin, Fire Nazdan, Water Nazdan, Light Nazdan and Shadow Nazdan.
– The reason why we don’t max level the fodders is because it takes a long time to level them up after level 14. Furthermore, you will be getting at least 6-8 more fodders by the time your current ones hit lv 13/14.

3 comments on “Farming Crystals

  • I am a beginner, could you tell me how and what to spent the crystals on. Basically an effective way to use crystals to buy items from the shop.

    Thanks in advance.

  • I have tried three times to summon heroes. Still I haven’t got nazdan. Can you tell me a sure shot method to get some 5 to 6 star heroes.


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