Infinite Knapsack

Event Intro

A crowded square filled with lots of people.

Event Period


  • 5 times a day
  • 5 Garnet per reset (once per day)

Rewards (Support)

Name Base Rarity Magic Attack Bonus Stats 1 Bonus Stats 2
Vision Crystal 3 43 Crit Damage 16%
Magician’s Crystal 4 82 Crit Damage 24%
Infinite Knapsack 4 98 Speed 15 Accuracy 20


Stage Mandolins
1 20
2 25
3 30


Enemies Elements HP
Troll Pirate Charger x 2 Light/Shadow 12830
Oriana Pirates Shipmate x 2 Light/Shadow 12830
Oriana Pirates Acrobat x 3 Light/Shadow 9052

The enemies hit like a truck! You’ll want to bring along Heroes with high mobility and jump (Nazdan is your best friend) and quickly take them down before they can move. Do not spread out your party. Focus on killing 1 enemy at a time.

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